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Yesterday, in Hawthorne, California, police shot and killed a Rottweiler Max, while arresting his owner Leon Rosby.

I have uploaded the news report of the incident, as I felt that the original video may be too graphic for most to watch. You can find the original video that went viral by searching on YouTube.

I saw this on FaceBook almost immediately after it happened yesterday, because the video went viral nationwide. I am furiated and truly heartbroken after watching the poor Rottweiler so cold-bloodely murdered. I will not get into my thoughts on how a lot of police departments across the country misuse and abuse their powers, but I will say that in this given situation, the police officer in question could have certainly handled the situation differently.

The incident arose as Mr. Rosby was filming the Hawthrone Police responding to a robbery incident. The original video starts of with Mr. Rosby walking his Rottweiler and filming the incident with his cell phones. Some verbal exchanges ensue between Mr. Rosby and the two police officers at the scene, where they apparently demanded that Mr. Rosby turn down the music that was blaring from his vehicle, as it was supposedly interferring with the investigation. The two police officers then proceed to head towards Mr. Rosby, in which point he goes to his car to put his Rottweiler in the back seat, and willingly puts his hands behind his back to get handcuffed. Few moments go by and the Rottweiler starts barking, seeing that his owner is in trouble, and proceeds to jump out of the car window and head towards Mr. Rosby.

Now, I have watched the original over and over again, analyzing every aspec of it, and have come to the conclusion that the Rottweiler was not an immediate threat to either it's owner or the police offers, as the Hawthorne Police Department has said in their official statement. Had the Rottweiler really wanted to seriously hurt the police officers, he would have lunged at them immediately after jumping out of the window, but you can clearly see that the Rottweiler was very hesitant to inflict any damage or to bite anyone, he simply wanted to be reunited with his owner.

Right after seeing this tragic video of the Rottweiler Max being shot to death, I was devasted and in shock that something like this could happen, that I went immediately to hug all of my Rottweilers, in tears. I can't imagine how Mr. Rosby must feel, having his best friend shot in cold-blood right in front of him, as he defenslessly stood there and watched unable to help his friend. RIP Max, you're in a better place now. :(



Here's a neat documentary I ran across pertain9ng to Rottweilers. The documentary isn't your full feature length of an hour an a half, but rather 20 minutes, so it makes it a quick and insightful watch. The beginning parts of the documentary go into detail of the history and origins of the Rottweiler, with accompanying pictures of Rottweilers from upward of over a 100 years ago, which is quite neat!

The proceeding part of the documentary goes into the modern day look and use of the Rottweiler. From it's definition as a working dog, to today's established standard of the Rottweiler and why that standard has been introduced and maintained. Next, the documentary goes into tips and advice on owning a Rottweiler. Tips from what do with your newly acquired puppy friend, to traveling with your Rottweiler, and more!

I highly recommend giving this quick documentary on Rottweilers a watch!



And another of my favorite types of videos on YouTube; a Rottweiler playing with a baby. In this case, the entirety of the video is a Rottweiler licking his baby friend. The baby's cute giggles, coupled with the playful nature of the Rottweiler make this video a hit! Enjoy, fellow Rottweiler lovers!



Another video I ran across that I just can't seem to get enough of! It's another video of a Rottweiler with a toddler.

I love how casual the both of them are acting, you can clearly see the strong connection between the two. From the baby's affectionate gaze at his Rottweiler buddy, to the Rottweiler's slobery whole-face kiss. Unfortunately, videos of Rottweilers in family situations like this one aren't getting their fair share of media attention. The public needs to understand that this is what a Rottweiler raised in a loving family home looks and behaves like. I would say that more than 90 % of our Rottweiler puppies go to family homes with children ans that is because Rottweielrs are an extremely smart, loyal, and caring breed.



So, I just ran across this video on Youtube and I have to say that it looks like something straight out of the movies! Or should I say cartoons, because it is quite comical! It actually reminds me of Wile E. Coyote & The Road Runner.

Originally posted a few years ago by YouTube user Jdpmep, the video shows the moment a Rottweiler named Happy saves tiny Chihuahua-wiener dog Trixxie from a marauding coyote. The footage has so far been watched by more than 300,000 people.

Despite me having just discovered this video, it was originally posted by YouTube user Jdpmep a few years ago. The video is footage taken from what seems to be a CCTV camera, of a Coyote preying and subsequently attacking a tiny Chihuaha dog named Trixxie. All hope seems lost for the follwong few dreadfull seconds, that seem like eternity. But, this is where the Rottweiler named Happy makes his cameo!

Luckily, because of Happy's natural Rottweilers insticts to protect and serve, Happy intervenes as sends the Coyote running with his tail between his legs.

The following shots are like a scene out of Three Stooges, as you see the Rottweiler chasing the Coyote in circles, clouds of dust ensue. Before we know it, the whole debacle is over as we watch Trixxie escape to her freedom, all thanks to her loving Rottweiler friend, Happy!



This video is almost unbearable to watch because of its cuteness. It shows a Rottweiler gently and lovingly playing with toys with its infant owner. It's a great example that showcases the Rottweiler's true temperament of being gentle, loving, and caring. It goes to disspell all sterotypes associated with Rottweilers.

Because of negative media bias against Rottweilers, to the general public this video may be shocking. How is it possible that a Rottweiler, that we are so used seeing in the news in a negative light, be this calm and collected with a mere baby? This is because, as with any breed of dogs, the Rottweiler's character is largely influenced by its owners behavior and treatment towards it. An owner that is loving and caring towards his Rottweiler will in turn transcend those qualities to his dog. Any breed of dog can be dangerous if treated poorly and is neglected, even a Chihuaha.


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