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German Rottweiler

Etienne von der Elbmundung 
DOB: 04/18/1997

Rottweiler Sire: Ă–-BJSgr '95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke SCHIII, AD, BH, IPOIII, ZtP, Gek bis EzA, HD+/-
Rottweiler Dam: DT.VDH-CH, EJS'96 Bijou von der Elbmundung SchHI, AD, BH, Ztp, HD+/-

etienne von der elbmundung

Etienne von der Elbmundung is a German Rottweiler that is part of some of our Rottweilers pedigree. She can be seen in the pedigrees of some our Rottweiler puppies for sale. Etienne is a proven producer of Rottweiler puppies and is one of many great Rottweilers that we incorporate as Rottweiler breeders.