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Chuck von der Berghalbinsel 
SchH/VPG III AD BH Gekört bis EzA
DOB: 05/20/2000

Rottweiler Sire: DT. VDH-CH. Akino von der Lauterbrucke HD- ED +, SchH/VPG III, AD BH, IPO III, Gek.b.Eza
Rottweiler Dam: Ronnja von der Berghalbinsel BH, ZtP, SchH I, HD- ED+

chuck von der berghalbinsel

chuck v d berghalbinsel

chuck rottweiler

Chuck von der Berghalbinsel is one of the most famous German Rottweilers and is part of some of our Rottweilers pedigree. He can be seen in the pedigrees of some our Rottweiler puppies for sale. Chuck is a proven producer of Rottweiler puppies and is one of many great Rottweilers that we incorporate as Rottweiler breeders.