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Welcome to the
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About us as Rottweiler Breeders

From my earliest childhood, I, Vladimir Petrovic DVM, have had a love for animals and especially towards dogs; and most notably, Rottweilers . That love continued into my teenage years, when I decided to become a veterinarian. In my mid- 20s, after I finished veterinary school in the former Yugoslavia, I started working as a veterinarian and got my own home. I immediately got my own pets - German Rottweilers.

Rottweiler pappyIn the beginning, I had a several types of pure-breed
dogs - Irish Setters, Pekinese, and German Sheperds.
Over the years, through my work and hobbies, I realized
that pure-breed ADRK German Rottweilers are the dogs
for me. ADRK German Rottweilers are stable, friendly
and loyal, but at the same time protective of their owners.
Rottweilers have an unreasonably bad reputation. This is
not the fault of the breed, but rather the fault of their owners.

Since the mid-1970's, I have decided to focus on
ADRK German Rottweilers because Germany is the
only country in the world that has very serious and
stringent standards for their dogs. In order to get a
breeding license, a dog has to meet these stringent
standards (for example AD, BH, ZTP, FH, SchH/VPG,
Korung). On top of this, since 1976, every Rottweiler
bred has to have an HD hip rating, and since 1993,
elbows have to be ED rated. I have made it my personal
goal to breed rottweilers that not only meet but exceed
these standards and produce rottweiler puppies that are
true ambassadors of the breed.

rottweiler In 1997, my family and I moved to the United States. My
wife, Vesna, my daughter, Vanja, and my two sons,
Aleksandar and Slobodan, are very excited to be in
this great country. We came here with three kids and
three ADRK German Rottweilers, Alba vom Bullenfeld,
Pascha vom Bakkes and Quanta vom Bakkes.

Over the past decade in America, we have continued
to import exceptional German Rottweiler blood-lines
from Germany. We have imported, among others, Emily
vom Hause Porthun, Ganto vom Hause Porthun and Cora
von Der Donnereiche. Also, we have bred our rottweiler
females to exceptional German Rottweiler studs, both here
and abroad. These Rottweiler studs include Racker von der Flugschneise, Moritz vom Moritzberg, Xandor vom Obergrombacherschloss, Cliff von der Konigskanzel and
Icco von der Donnereiche. We prefer the blood-line of
Hassan vom Konigsgarten.

We are committed to providing Rottweiler puppies for show, Schutzhund, and guarding, but also as loving family companions.
We have shown our Rottweilers in both Europe and the United
States. We have dedicated over a quarter of a century to
producing top-quality Rottweilers.

rottweiler Our Rottweilers consistently produce rottweiler
puppies with extraordinary bone structure, angulation
and temperament. Our Rottweilers are compatible
with various fields of show, work and pet life, and
often these Rottweiler puppies come from the same
litter. We take great measures to make sure our
Rottweiler puppies exhibit the temperamental
attributes that are best suited to your current living

No matter what you're looking for in the wonderful
German Rottweiler breed, we make it our passion
to help you find it in the Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers Kennel. However, because we love and respect the
ADRK German breed of Rottweilers, we want to
preserve this special breed of Rottweilers. Our
extended experience and familiarity with this field
has given us extensive knowledge of the best
blood-lines. If you would like to speak with us about
any decision regarding your dogs, we are always
available for a good talk.