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The male Rottweilers we use at Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers for stud service also offer the highest quality temperament and working ability as well as desired conformation characteristics that they pass on to their puppies. As a German Rottweiler breeder, we strive to breed for only the best quality ring champions and Schutzhund athletes but occasionally can offer pet quality Rottweiler puppies. Our Rottweilers are primarily family companions with excellent guarding ability instincts, but we do encourage Rottweiler enthusiasts to show the dogs they buy from us.

PedigreeAt our kennel we breed only Rottweilers of substantial bone structure, and extremely typey heads with deep stops and dark eyes and pigmentation, for we believe those are the most important phonotypical characteristics on the Rottweiler. The foundation female Rottweilers we use are the focus of our kennel often seek out the best studs that the top European and German kennels have to offer. Breeding strong masculine female Rottweilers produces the best breed type in our puppies.

We have in the past gone to outside kennels for breeding to stud dogs because we know through our years of insight in the breed that convenience doesn't produce quality and we breed only for the improvement and recognition of the Rottweiler breed as a whole. We therefore choose studs for females very selectively, often using the best bloodlines Europe and Germany have to offer; we have in the past used greats such as Racker von der Flugschneise, Noris vom Gruntenblick, Ken vom Schweiger Wappen, Fight vom Schweiger Wappen, Moritz vom Moritzberg, Hero von den Hassberghohen, Xandor vom Obergrombacher Schloss, Cliff vom Hause Ripp, Dusty vom Schweiger Wappen, Flash vom Wolfert Turm, Pascha vom Bakkes, Icco von der Donnereiche, Axo von der Teufelsbrucke, Cliff von der Konigskanzel and many more, and most recently Valentino vom Hause Neubrand.

The results of such pairings can be seen in the consistently high quality Rottweiler puppy offspring with extraordinary breed type and sound temperaments. We pride ourselves in the studs we use for their lines, top show quality conformation and phenomenal working ability.


Rottweilers available for stud


Pablo vom Bullenfeld
(Tito Earl Antonius X Olly vom Bullenfeld)

Pablo Page

Brut vom Bullenfeld
(Ole von Ostsachsen X Emeli von Hause Porthun)

Brut Page

Sevan von der Burg Weibertreu
(Gino von der Berghalbinsel X Kerima von der Burgweibertreu)

Sevan Page

Vako Vom Bullenfeld
UCI Int Ch. Vako Vom Bullenfeld (RETIRED)
CGC, OFA Good, Clear Elbows  - OFA #: RO-66800G2M-NOPI HIPS
(Pascha vom Bakkes X Maggy vom Bullenfeld)

Vako Page