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Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers

German Rottweiler Females

Our German Rottweiler females are imported from the top rottweiler kennels in Europe

The foundation females we use at Vom Bullenfeld Rottweiler's and in our breeding program offer the highest quality temperament, working ability, and conformation.
We select these females only after carefully studying their Pedigree for Zillypedigrees and researching how their lines can produce with our already vested lines and finally ensure we pick the right male when we breed them. These females we have and use in our kennel  all have hip ratings of “Normal” OR above from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (or equivalent of their countries) and are free of any "Hip Dysplasia”.

We import some of our females from excellent kennels in Europe for breeding because we have researchedrottweilers their lines to perfectly match the bloodlines in our kennel, and resulting in puppies of high quality for show/work and loving pet homes. We breed only for the improvement and recognition of the wonderful German Rottweiler breed. We know from our years of insight in the breed, that renewal of the blood lines is essential to establishing a successful and reputable breeding program.

Our essential goal in breeding is to make the breed better. We only breed with dogs that have received a perfect bill of health by qualified veterinarians. We offer well-bred German Rottweiler's perfectly suited for Show, Working and Companion homes.


Young Rottweiler Females

rottweileryoung female in kennel
Vodka Pop Rott

Vodka Pop Rott

(Monaco vom Zica Maradona X Bissa Timit Tor)
Vodka Page

rottweiler female

Sidney vom Bullenfeld

(Sevan von der Burg Weibertreu X Zitta vom Bullenfeld)
Sidney Page


Nera vom Bullenfeld

(Sevan von der Burg Weibertreu X Nera Earl Antonius)
Nera Page


Rottweiler Females


Melly vom Bullenfeld
Melly vom Bullenfeld SchH I
(Cliff von der Konigskanzel X Emeli vom Hause Porthun)
Melly Page

Nora vom Bullenfeld (FOR SALE)
 (Vako vom Bullenfeld X Gina vom Bullenfeld)
Nora Page

Emeli von Hause Porthun
Emeli von Hause Porthun (RETIRED)
(Vico von der Flugschneise X Tinka vom Hause Anin)

Emeli Page

Zeta von Junipera

Oxana Vom Bullenfeld
(Valentino vom Hause Nerbrand X Zilly vom Bullenfeld)

Oxana Page

 Zitta vom Bullenfeld
Kelly vom Bullenfeld (SOLD)
(Vako vom Bullenfeld X Zeta von Junipera)

Kelly Page

Zeta von Junipera
Kora von der Donnereiche
(Rex vom Bleichstreisse X Hazel von der Donnereiche)

Kora Page

Zeta von Junipera
Olly Vom Bullenfeld
(Valentino vom Hause Nerbrand X Zilly vom Bullenfeld)

Olly Page

german rottweiler

Bjanka vom Bullenfeld

(Vako vom Bullenfeld X Bjanka vom Beni)

Bjanka Page

 Zilly vom Bullenfeld
Zilly vom Bullenfeld
(Pasha Earl Antonius X Una Endzi vom Bullenfeld)

Zilly Page

 Zilly vom Bullenfeld
Zitta vom Bullenfeld
(Pasha Earl Antonius X Una Endzi vom Bullenfeld)

Zitta Page