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Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers is a Veterinarian-owned German Rottweiler breeder of over 30 years and is a proud member of:


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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

RottweilersWelcome to the Internet home of Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers, German Rottweiler breeder with Rottweiler puppies for sale in Missouri. We are Vladimir, Aleks, and Slobodan Petrovic. I am the advisor to my sons who are the handlers and breeders of our German Rottweilers. I am a veterinarian by profession and have loved dogs since my childhood. I started getting involved with German Rottweilers in the early 1970s in Europe and have passed on my knowledge of the breed to my sons. I have always focused on STRICT German bloodlines in our breeding program and only the best that Germany has to offer.

Rottweiler Breeders:

We are ethical breeders and club members of the American Kennel Club (AKC), Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK). These are organizations german rottweilers established to maintain the ethical breeding practices of pure-bred German Rottweilers, and more specifically, to preserve the German Rottweiler breed standard. Less than a handful of Rottweiler breeders in America belong to all three of these organizations. Our Rottweiler puppies are highly representative of the German Rottweiler standard, and possess strong and correct body structure, sound and confident temperament, immense working drive, and the genetic background to make them ideal show and work contenders. Vom Bullenfeld Rottweiler breeders are consistently winning here in the United States and in Europe. Our Rottweilers are frequently being sent to Europe to finish their Schutzhund training and are often touring conformation shows and placing at the top.
The Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers advantage over other Rottweiler breeders lies in our breeding program, the extensive insight we have with the Rottweiler breed, and the medical expertise we possess in raising our Rottweiler puppies. Our breeding program takes into account almost 30 years of research and development in both Europe and the United States. One of the key elements of our program is the foundation female Rottweiler (Anda vom Bullenfeld), as we are avid proponents of the belief that every good breeding must include a strong and sound Rottweiler female with the background to prove herself. The studs that we pair with our females come from the best German bloodlines and are often Rottweiler studs directly from Germany with impressive show and working careers. Rottweiler puppies for saleWe do this to ensure that the Rottweiler puppies

that we have for sale are going to be exceptional in structure, temperament, and drive. Our extensive insight and considerable knowledge of the breed that separates us from the rest and comes from our considerable History with the German Rottweiler breed. We are from the Former Yugoslavia, which is currently producing some of the top show winners around the world today. We also are fluent speakers of the German language, and can understand the German documentation that is made available to us from the ADRK. We utilize these resources to make our Rottweiler breeding program more unique and just as strictly German, as is possible.

The phenomenal pedigrees behind each and every one of our

German Rottweilers

includes names such as:

vom Konigsgartenvom Silberblick, vom Obergrombacher Schlossvom Bakkes, vom Gruntenblick, vom Bleichstrasse, vom Burgthann, vom Hause Neubrandvon der Konigskanzel, von der Scherau, vom Kummelsee, von der Berghalbinsel, vom Brunnenweibel, vom Kressbach, von der Crossener Ranch, von den Hassberghohen, von der Muhlbachstrasse, von der Lauterbrucke, vom Schwaiger Wappenvon der Sudpfalz, von der Burg Weibertreu, von Hause Porthun, von Hause Aninvon Tengen, vom Rosslesgarten, von der Flugschneise, von Ostsachsen, vom Zimmerplatzvon der Teufelsbrucke, vom Konigskanzel, and many more.

Rottweiler Puppies:

At Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers, we believe that even though bloodline specifics may not interest all pet seekers, everybody deserves to have a sound and healthy Rottweiler Puppy. This is why we utilize our veterinary experience of 30 years to best raise our Rottweiler puppies, and protect them from an early age, and guarantee their health with our Rottweiler Puppies Purchase Contract. We offer a 2 Year Hip/Health Guarantee and lifetime breeder support for all of our pet owners.

Rottweiler puppies

Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers takes great care to socialize our puppies to the highest degree at our home and many different environments. Every Rottweiler puppy that leaves our home has been extensively socialized and temperament tested to be ready for their new owners. You're welcome to comb through our website to find out more about our Rottweiler puppies for sale, our current breedings, and what we're planning for the future.

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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

We hope you enjoy your stay here with us and our Rottweilers. If you have any questions regarding Rottweiler puppies for sale, or anything else, you can contact us either by phone or email.

Aleks Petrovic



Vom Bullenfeld Rottweilers abides by the F.C.I. Breed Standard and DO NOT DOCK TAILS on our Rottweiler Puppies.

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Our German Rottweiler puppies for sale can be shipped nationwide to the following states: Alabama, AL; Alaska, AK; Arizona, AZ; Arkansas, AR; California , CA; Colorado, CO; Connecticut, CT; Delaware, DE; Florida, FL; Georgia, GA; Hawaii, HI; Idaho, ID; Illinois, IL; Indiana, IN; Iowa, IA; Kansas, KS; Kentucky, KY; Louisiana, LA; Maine, ME; Maryland, MD; Massachusetts, MA; Michigan, MI; Minnesota, MN; Mississippi, MS; Missouri, MO; Montana, MT; Nebraska, NE; Nevada, NV; New Hampshire, NH; New Jersey, NJ; New Mexico, NM; New York, NY; North Carolina, NC; North Dakota, ND; Ohio, OH; Oklahoma, OK; Oregon, OR; Pennsylvania, PA; Rhode Island, RI; South Carolina, SC; South Dakota, SD; Tennessee, TN; Texas, TX; Utah, UT; Vermont, VT; Virginia , VA; Washington, WA; West Virginia, WV; Wisconsin, WI; Wyoming, WY;

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